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Air Freight

Air Freight

We are in a position to reach any heights


Shipping your freight by air with us will keep goods moving at optimal speed and efficiency along the supply chain. We have contracts with the world’s major international carriers that secure space on various flights each month and provide real-time, global tracking as part of our standard capabilities for fast, efficient and reliable international airfreight deliveries worldwide.
While Urgency And 'Time is money' are valid rationales for choosing air freight the truth is that efficient air cargo transport takes more than just a plane and a space on a flight it demands expertise in every planned phase and possible contingency along your shipments journey. We wield that comprehensive knowledge in a silo-free organization where experienced specialist collaborate seamlessly to guarantee true turnkey execution.
Golden Gate Logistics PVT Ltd, provides a world wide network for all your air freight needs with guaranteed and time defined services. As a strong player in the market we offer competitive rates for all the time and costs requirements. The main element of our Air Freight management is the ability to move single or complex shipment by air, at any time and from any destination airport to and from Colombo/Sri Lanka.
Empowering our customers with an expansive international infrastructure that fuses world wide coverage with local expertise, we are single source solution to complexities of global freight forwarding. Golden Gate Logistics Pvt Ltd consistent quality and superior services to ensure proper handling and safety, timely delivery of your valuable Air shipment every time. We provide Flexible And Customer-friendly personalised services to all customers.

Our Air Freight Capabilies Incude;

  • Air Consolidation
  • Pick Door to the Delivery Door
  • Airport to Airport
  • Warehousing
  • By Sea to Dubai and Air from Dubai
  • By Sea to Colombo and by Air from Colombo
  • Time defined services
  • You can trust us to handle your cargo with ease


Transit Time

Real Time