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Cross Trade Shipping

Cross Trade Shipping

Move your cargo from any origin to any destination


Cross Trade, also known as Triangular Trade, Third-Party Shipments, or Foreign-to-Foreign Shipments, is a transaction involving three parties in three different countries. It refers to cargo that is transported by either road, rail, air, or sea from an origin to a destination country. This is where the seller of the goods is not the manufacturer or exporter – like in dropshipping – but where up to three different countries may be involved. It’s mainly when the seller is not in the same country as where the goods originate from.
Our well experienced team is fully aware of what you need. We can handle your shipments from any port to another port or airport of the globe, for an example, if you need to ship your cargo from China to Africa we can handle it sitting in Sri Lanka offering cost effective solutions and express solutions to have your shipment at your port or door step. Most of the top buyers now look for products from any part of the world but do not have professionals to handle the orders. GGL team can handle all that for you sitting in one place. Just buzz us with your inquiry and leave the rest with us.

Benefits at a glance;

  • Cross trade eliminates bringing the goods to the seller’s country or location and all associated costs with it such as freight, duties, and taxes.
  • Cross trade decentralizes the supply chain by placing production and stock closer to the final destination.
  • Cross trade can cut down the time of travel, allowing greater cost savings.

Lower Supply
Chain Costs

Transit Time

Supply Chain